Introducing the characters of the 4R’s of Reputation Framework

4Rs of Reputation children Ruby, Robert Rosie & Ronnie


These cute little figures introduce us to a better way of learning about the online world.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, these little peeps can be your pocket friends forever. The 4R’s of Reputation Framework is a guide which encourages us to learn to stop and think before we act online.



Respect goes much deeper than just saying please and thank you; that is merely manners, the window dressing.  True respect means we do not value ourselves any more or any less than others.  It’s about learning to accept each other’s differences and accepting them.  It is underpinned by values such as doing no harm.

Ruby represents the domain of Respect.    She reminds you that whenever you post something online or share it, to consider the whether you are respecting yourself, your family or friends by your actions.   Consider why you are posting, who might read it or see it, and potentially share it and what might the outcome be.    Be respectful of laws around privacy and copyright.


Robert is all about you owning what you post or share.  Taking responsibility for the content and being prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.   If you are not sure, then don’t post.


Resilence helps us to keep going with things are tough.    Rosie encourages us to recognise our own strengths.  It’s ok to delete something you don’t like, or defriend someone who is being negative.   She helps us to look for solutions.



There is so much information online, and much of it is just people’s opinions and made up stories.   Using the skill of research you can uncover when stories are untrue.   Ronnie encourages you to learn more about the things that interest you, and to check facts.



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