Tips for a smoother Christmas

Keeping calm at Christmas

Plan, plan plan.   That is the best way to have a smoother and more calm Christmas.   It is such a busy time for many people, often not only juggling additional visitors, special meal preparation, but work and travel too.

Christmas Rhyme

A little Christmas rhyme to set the scene for our post.


Christmas Tips for a Happier day

  • Check all electronic items for battery requirements and make sure you have the right size on hand.
  • Where possible, have batteries already fitted in the item.
  • Charge up devices before wrapping them.
  • For Children under 14 it’s a good idea while charging items, to also set up parental controls such as a password on store purchases and age limits on apps that can be downloaded.
  • Check whether anything needs to be built and have it made up ready.   Many a Christmas morning hits a snag when you have to try and find the right tools to put something together.
  • Keep receipts in a safe and accessible spot for speedy returns and replacements should anything not be working..
  • Plan your day to ensure there is time for the family to play together and for the kids to show you their gifts and demonstrate them to you

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